Twitch Partner

The Beginning: YouTube Gaming Video Creator
2016 is when I began recording YouTube videos of my gameplay as a way to put content out there as a gamer. I also started streaming on YouTube Gaming,

“Since I was already playing games, why not put out content for others to enjoy?”

Twitch Streamer then Twitch Partner
I eventually made the switch to Twitch in July 2017. In February 2018, I achieved Partner status, 7 months after my first stream (Back then, there weren’t a lot of partners in Singapore)!

Fun Fact: I have streamed more than 200 titles on Twitch itself. The games I play transcend genres!

In June 2021, I also started streaming Music content on my channel, in the forms of DJ performances, and singing. I’ve also hosted a podcast series on my channel.

My stream direction is a melting pot of positivity, puns, high energy and real talk all stirred together! Ever since then, one thing led to another, and I’ve had the greatest privilege of working with and representing amazing brands.

Singaporean Gaming Creator Melissa Er A.K.A Melvallous, at her streaming setup


I started gaming since I was 5 years old!

Games such as Contra, Bomberman, Super Mario and Zelda formed my earliest childhood gaming memories. From the SNES to the Gameboy, the first Xbox to the Playstation, I have gamed across multiple platforms, playing games of different genres, eventually falling in love with Action Games, RPGs and MMORPGs.

No other MMORPG has captured my heart like World of Warcraft did. After playing games like Maple Story, Rappelz and more, I picked up WoW in late 2008.


World Of Warcraft


Having taken a step back from progression raids, I now head my own social community guild, in Frostmourne Alliance!
In this way, I get to spend more time playing & streaming a variety of games, and creating different kinds of content!

2009 - Wrath Of The Lich King

Realm 2nd Alliance Guild
[Immortal Dream] Core Raider
Frostmourne, Alliance – Draenei Hunter

2017 - Draenor/Legion

Realm 4th All Stars (MM Hunter)
[SPOTLESS] Officer
Barthilas, Horde – Blood Elf Hunter

2018 - BFA, Shadowlands, Dragonflight

[ARDENT] Founder
Frostmourne, Alliance


Final Fantasy

Melvallous Final Fantasy Collection

I’m also a massive Final Fantasy fan; Playing & collecting the original black label games for years now.
I happen to own one of the largest FF Collections in Singapore!
The collection was featured on the local news before the launch campaign of the Playstation 4.


YouTube Videos

Check out my new YouTube channel as 1/2 of Soulbound!
This is where you find our gaming product features / tech reviews & occasional vlogs & highlights.