Melissa + Marvellous = Melvallous Quick maffs

It’s a very local (Singaporean) slang widely used in my clique at one point.
I found myself saying “Can Is Can” very often whenever I was streaming a challenging game!

When I was affiliated on Twitch back in 2017, I had the option to have my own emotes.
I decided to turn that pet phrase into an emote and that’s when this whole “Can Is Can” culture caught on in the community!

Whenever you think you can’t do something, tell yourself #CanIsCan! Can Is Always Can!

Nope. It’s a common misconception!
As much as it’s flattering to learn that most people think I’m one, I genuinely believe I still got lots to learn and improve on, in order to be ready to take on that challenge and go full-time!

Nope. I have been an independent gaming content creator.

I have been offered to be signed under established organisations (humbled!), but I’m not officially/exclusively representing any of them under contract.
That said, I am proudly part of some stream communities! (That’s right, I’m a team player =3)

Also, it was only recently that I founded ARDENT Collective and The Can Clan! (as of 2019)!

In 2016, I started with a small project — Making occasional gaming memes on social media, and sharing WoW boss kill videos & Let’s Play series on YouTube!
I was also streaming WoW raids on YouTube Gaming.

July 2017 was when I started my journey as a variety games streamer on Twitch!
I got affiliated within the month, and partnered in 7 months! It’s been such a rewarding journey, and I’m still loving what I do.

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