My roots as a DJ go back to 2013 when I started playing in house parties. Forming a DJ duo ​Soulbound which I still am a part of today, I have played in a variety of clubs and bars in Singapore such as Altimate, Space, Bang Bang, F Club Singapore, just to name a few!

Nowadays, you’d spot me DJ-ing for events, or livestreaming my DJ sets online!

Some recent notable events we’ve been grateful to be engaged for include:

  • Millerknoll Brand Launch Event 2024 (Singapore)
  • Riot Games Annual D&D 2023 (Singapore)
  • Take 2 Games D&D 2023 (Singapore)
  • Olympic Esports Week 2023 (Singapore)
  • Twitch EOY Party 2022 (Singapore)
Soulbound Logo (Black)