July 2, 2019 Melvallous

Thank you for 2 YEARS on Twitch!

Today marks my 2nd year on Twitch! Omg where did all the time go?!
Lots of milestones and goals slayed, and looking to achieve more in the years to come!

Some of the most notable memories this year:
• Partnered with Discord!
• Sponsored by GALAX!
• Hosted a segment for Lazada Singapore’s 7th Birthday Event, in collaboration with NVIDIA!
• Founded ARDENT Collective
• Founded The Can Clan Stream Team
• Launched this Website!

I can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am for this journey.
So much has happened in these 2 years – Met so many good people on this platform, and learned so much about building a bootiful community like the #CanIsCan fam! =3

Very grateful that we’ve come this far and have built a POSITIVE community like this.

Can is Can, Can is always Can!
#CanIsCan #TheCanClan


Melvallous is one of the leading variety games Singaporean streamers on Twitch! #CanIsCan [ twitch.tv/melvallous ]